Friday, 2 October 2015

Invisible Cities: Baucis, Phyllis, Isaura & Fedora 114 - 123

Baucis: 114 - 117
Phyllis: 118
Isaura: 119 -120
Fedora: 122-123

I feel i'm coming to an end creating these wide variety of thumbnails. I'm beginning to think that either Baucis, Thekla, Octavia or Armilla will be one of my chosen cities. In this image, I really enjoyed going back to Baucis and re designing it; imagining the houses on stilts and altering the style so that they do not resemble typical structures we see everyday. The same goes for the majority of structures in these series. My favourites would be #114, #115, #119 and #120.

The main intention for these thumbnails where to re visit drawings I had already done and struggle with, and improve / create new ideas. With Phyllis, I still had trouble imagining the city, but I like the evolution of my Baucis and Isaura drawings.


  1. I really like 121, It has a good perspective/depth to it. :)

  2. I really love all your drawings. Especially the Isaura ones.

  3. 120! Brilliant wide shot! I also like the funky buildings of 117 and the camera angle of 119.