Wednesday, 28 October 2015

What If? Metropolis Influence Maps and Ideas

With this first influence map, it is clear to see a theme in Alexander McQueen's style: nature, elegance and perfection. The dresses are mostly long and flow, and resemble bird feathers, thus creating it's elegant shape. The colour schemes are complimentary and similar, which makes it very pleasing for the eye. There isn't any (by what can be seen) deliberate wear and tear, imperfections or worn away colours that you  expect to see from nature, because as nature is left alone, the forces of weather mangle plants and flowers away, yet with McQueen's work the clothes are neatly wrapped around the figure and some show intricate detail.

After dissecting McQueen's fashion, I researched some elements that were familiar to me and that he may have got inspiration from - for example, birds and feathers are a big influence in his designs, as well as plants and flowers. Even textures such as gold, pearls and leather can be seen, all pointing towards elegant and high class style. This gives me a good starting point for looking towards creating my city - there can be a royal element, everything seen as "perfect", but to achieve this perfection takes strain and hard work.

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