Saturday, 17 October 2015

Invisible Cities: Octavia Colour Schemes continued

In these sequence of colour schemes, I'm liking numbers #3 and #4 the most. The first and second images where coloured using gradient maps and layer blending modes, but I wasn't getting the right appearance that I wanted. So, under the lineart / skecth layer I put in a blank layer, colour picked rusty colours from reference images, and painted the colours with a brush straight on. This is usually how I work, and I now like the appearance.
 I think #3 Is light and has a really good combination of colours and #4 is dark, seen at night and is a quite scary place to be. Yet, i think #4's dark saturated colours are too deep and you can't make out details, so I've got to think - is Octavia a struggling city that still has a warm heart, or a cold blooded isolated city shrouded in darkness?


  1. Octavia doesn't feel dark to me at all - it feels 'plucky' - a survivor's town - don't let the 'spider' connotations dominate; it's not a haunted house - I like 3 too :)